Would you like to experience what nature has to offer in the heart of the busiest city in the world? Many people don't realize the thousands of plant, tree, and wildlife species that reside in the 843 acres that make up this iconic park known as Central Park. One doesn't need to travel far to feel the healing and receive the health benefits of nature. 

The Wellness Walks with Walsh are low intensity on the body but high restoration for the brain. This type of greenspace exercise is a form of brain food or yoga for the brain. 

You can book a private walk for one person or for your team or school. Walks / hikes are available with Jennifer either in Central Park or you can book her for one of your company events at a location of your choice.

For all pricing details / rates, please send your request in the contact page.

We hope you join us on the journey to learn more about the healing benefits of trees and plants and how this is a NATURAL brain booster!






Our guided wellness walks take place in central park, NYC.

We can host them elsewhere by request.