Jennifer is often booked as a keynote speaker to discuss entrepreneurship and what it was like to be an early female founder 20 years ago. She discusses beauty, retail, and the state of building a brand in the digital world. She also lectures and teaches on campuses across the country for business development and entrepreneurship programs.


On Location Events:

Jennifer has taken her 20 years in the beauty and retail space and has been able to fully implement all of her experiences into events across the country. She understands first hand what it is like to have brick and mortar locations. Jennifer has created and hosted many in store events and at shopping centers all with beauty, health, and wellness in mind. Her message is about creating healthy communities and how each and every one of us can start with us. She helps guide people to products, brands and places that help us realign our thinking to become more aware of nature in our surroundings, even at home and in the office.

Wellness Walk:

Jennifer hosts teams on wellness walks in Central Park. She helps people fully experience nature therapy in one of the worlds most iconic parks. She also hosts many cooperative events that blend beauty, wellness, and health while physically soaking up nature.