Walk with Walsh with Steve Nygren

Steve Nygren has an effervescence about him and look of excitement in his eyes, the way a 22 year old does at college graduation. His energy is palpable. His love for what he does, undeniable. What Steve has created and continues to create is what life is all about, bringing people and communities closer together with nature at the forefront. This is the beauty of Serenbe.

Steve was a very successful restauranteur in Atlanta. In 1991 he sold his business and bought an old farmhouse and some property adjoining it. This farmhouse has now become The Inn at Serenbe. After years of living at the farmhouse, Steve and his daughter Garnie were out for a long run along the property only to see bulldozers tearing down 20 acres of land adjacent to his. This stopped him in his tracks and he worried what would become of that land and the remainder of the land around him. He wanted to protect it, he wanted to do something different. Steve and his daughter decided to set out to learn about design and more specifically biophilic design. He also knew that he had to step up and step into the unknown for what he had envisioned for what would become Serenbe.

Located in the middle of a 40,000 square foot forest in the town of Chattahoochee Hills, 30 miles south of Atlanta sits this magical beautiful place. I had read a lot about Serenbe, I had even seen a few videos but nothing really can prepare you for the beauty of what Serenbe is until you step foot on the grounds.

It was such an incredible honor and pleasure to spend time with Steve and others on his team to truly experience Serenbe. I have never been to a place like this, it felt idyllic in so many ways. At one point I said to Steve that I had to go back to reality the next day and he quickly and earnestly state, “Jennifer this is reality”.

I hope you enjoy this time spent on the farm and throughout the Serenbe community. This is a wellness community, thoughtfully planned out, while Steve will tell anyone that it was honestly just common sense of working with nature. As Steve said, “when you honor nature, nature will honor you.”