Walk With Walsh Video Series

Through our Walk with Walsh video series we share stories of what it means to be a healthy leader. We can’t run healthy homes, businesses, teams or communities without taking care of ourselves first. How we care for ourselves directly effects those around us and for business leaders, that means the bottom line. 

We host the Walk with Walsh videos while walking in nature to drive home the importance of walking in nature every single day.



Jennifer gets the tour of Serenbe by its founder, Steve Nygren. He discusses the importance of nature and its importance in creating a healthy community.


Jennifer asks Ian about his family business, how he continues to be inspired, and what he does outside of work that brings him great joy.




In this episode Jennifer discusses what it means to be a healthy leader with Steve, a Navy veteran of 28.5 years. They talk about his experience in the Navy and how he transitioned into civilian and corporate life.




On this episode, Jennifer speaks with Gabby Bernstein. They discuss her books, her mission, and her partnership with Philosophy.



Mindy Grossman

On this episode of a Walk with Walsh, Jennifer interviews Weight Watchers CEO, Mindy Grossman.
 Mindy shares her vision for Weight Watchers and why she feels so strongly about creating a healthy happy community.



Chef Lizette

On this episode of a Walk with Walsh, Jennifer interviews Chef Lizette. Chef discusses her journey
 from California to NYC and what it is like to live a life with passion and food!



Pretty Connected

On this episode of a walk with Walsh, Jennifer interviews Lara, Founder of Pretty Connected.
 Lara is a well known blogger in NYC and her path in the industry is very unique. We discuss longevity in an ever changing industry and how long term relationships are key to continued success.



Kerri Glassman

On this episode of a Walk with Walsh, Jennifer interviews nutritionist, Keri Glassman. Keri talks about energy, food and hydration.



Jane Francesco

On this episode of a Walk with Walsh, Jennifer interviews Editor in Chief of Good Housekeeping, Jane Francesco. She shares stories about building a great team and her plans to make a kinder work environment that also infuses a lot of fun.



Tracy Campoli

On this episode of a Walk with Walsh Jennifer interviews fitness guru, Tracy Campoli. She shares
 lessons on what it has been like growing her business and what it takes to create a digital community.