What is
Walk With Walsh?


It is my mission to bring people back outdoors in nature. To fully comprehend the power that green spaces and nature have on our overall health, wellbeing, and our mental state.  

On the Walk with Walsh series I interview CEOs, founders, innovators, and philanthropists who are using nature in all that they do while also making sure to protect it.  We know that healthy positive leadership with an awareness of the importance of nature not only builds healthy teams, but also a strong bottom line, and a healthy thriving community.

Nature is 100% Inclusive

We All Belong There.



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Have You / Your Company Joined the
Wednesday Wellness Walk (WWW) Movement with Us?

There is a convergence between healthy leaders, personal growth, wellness, strong business acumen and the outdoors. The more high tech our wold becomes, the more nature we need, our bodies / minds crave it for balance. Walking in nature creates sharpness and awareness in all.

Are you a nature smart business, school, community? Do you actively encourage the people around you to walk in nature at least once a week? Join us in the movement to get others outdoors, to explore all that nature has to offer our brains and our bodies. Share your stories with us, let us know where you like to walk, where do you find inspiration and beauty?

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Our videos primarily take place while walking in nature as we discuss healthy leadership styles. 

Alexa skill

The Walsh Wake Up on Alexa and Google Home blends daily healthy business tips every day Monday - Friday. These tips are recorded while walking in nature. The daily business tips also blend great teachable moments that were discussed on recent Walk with Walsh videos from our guests.