Beautiful Brain

If you look closely and I mean very closely, the brain can resemble something maybe unexpected. I recently found the work of a neuroscientist -  artist that has unveiled a look into the brain that truly caught my attention. Greg A Dunns artwork, in its beautiful form, shows neurons and vessels in the brain and body and it's breathtaking! One of his pieces resonated deeply with me as it looks like the roots of a tree.

It brought me back to the human connection to nature, for our mental health, for the overall health of our brain. To me it all makes sense, of course our brain would look like the roots found in nature. We are a part of nature, we come from nature, we need nature for our survival. Trees and plants give us life. There is even a book called Trees of The Brain, Roots of the Mind. Some doctors even call the brain a neuron "jungle".

Nature heals us and more importantly time spent walking amongst it helps build our bodies and brains. Let this beautiful piece of artwork from Greg A Dunn be another reminder to you of the nature / brain connection and the importance of getting outdoors to walk in nature.