Allowing For The Connection Is Just The Beginning


I recently returned from one of the most beautiful trips of my life. This trip was a gift in so many ways both figuratively and literally and transformed the way I look at taking time for what's important for me.

I have always felt like I've had a good handle on what I need to be the healthiest version of myself FOR myself and for those around me. I always felt like I knew how to take the time I needed just to refresh and restart my battery so to speak. Let me preface that by saying, when I take some time for myself it is usually a long 2 -3 work out consisting of a long walk, run, or hike in the park. This is what I need and what makes me feel good and makes me feel more able to focus and feel good.

I was in the Pyrenees mountain range for a few short days and stayed in a small idealic town in France. This town was so quaint and old that it literally looked like something you would see on a Pinterest board of inspiration for "small beautiful village". Everything about this trip was beautiful, the company, the weather, the food, the views, the time outdoors, all of it.

After spending the better part of 3 days outdoors, I kept feeling the need to check in to see if anyone was looking for me, or needing me. This need wasn't really a need at all. It was this fear of missing opportunities or fear of actually enjoying something while I should be pounding the pavement back at home. I was feeling guilty. It had been so long ( 3 - 4 years ), since I took time off for myself that I actually forgot what it felt like, literally!

It was 2 hours into a hike up this mountain that had us straddling the Spain and France border that truly took my breath away. The view, the cool summer mountain air, the feel of my body being pushed harder than it has been pushed in a different way with the incline and altitude, all knocked my socks off in a way that made me instantly relax my shoulders and hear that internal voice say, "you have to allow yourself to feel all that you are seeing". 

We all have to go to places that heal, comfort, build, and strengthen us. We just need to give ourselves permission to do it and know that it is for our health that we take this time to do it.