In the Rhythm and Flow

Our lives are chocked full of places to be and things to do. We live our lives predicated on what our calendar says. We have taught ourselves to feel guilty for not squeezing it all in. The “all” is different for each and everyone of us.

We are in such a need for “me time” that the hashtag of #selfcare or #selfcaresunday is now a thing. We, as a society, are exhausted all of the time. Self care shouldn’t cost money, it should be a daily practice. I think this is a bigger conversation, a bigger motion to say it is ok to slow down, it is ok to be still, it is ok to be reflective.

I am happy to see that companies are stepping forward and incorporating wellness practices for their employees. Many corporations have recently incorporated Wellness Officers or wellness divisions. They are walking their talk and I like the way it looks and sounds. No longer is it one day a year of integrating a special day, it is full fledge programs for employees. The companies recognize that if their employees are happy and healthy, not only will it effect the bottom line of business but that healthy and happy employee can then be a more healthy proactive community member and lead others into wellness practices far from his / her desk.

Do you have a wellness policy at work? Do you look for companies or brands that have a team dedicated to your overall health as an employee? Would love to know your thoughts on company wellness!

Jennifer Walsh