The Unexpected Gifts of Kripalu


I traveled to Lenox, MA the last weekend of March. It was still cold and rainy and the ground was still semi frozen ( which was beautiful ). Many parts of the country were already feeling spring but in Lenox, we actually received a bit of snow that weekend. The earth was about to come back to life, you could smell it in the dirt. I was there for the weekend to experience the Kripalu Yoga and Health Center. It was my first time there but many acquaintances had been many times before and raved about it. They are also all yoga enthusiasts and I was probably the only non practicing yoga person there. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy taking yoga classes but it is not a part of my regular work out repertoire.

I went into the weekend looking forward to finding out what I could learn from a place that is so deeply embedded in a practice that I don’t well, practice. I am however always open to new opportunities that bring me into a place of learning and especially when it involves health and holistic health care. I also knew that the center was located in the beautiful tranquil picturesque mountainside of Lenox along Mahkeenac Lake. The history of the center also drew me in.

I did take a few yoga classes which I really enjoyed and the best part is that there are so many classes each day to choose from as well as lectures that one could pick and chose whatever suits them. I wound up spending as much time as I could hiking in the cold and ice covered hill tops. I couldn’t wait to lace up and get outside even in the rain and cold. The first morning I woke up early to head down to the lake just to see the fog lifting, it was quite spectacular.

The biggest surprise over the weekend, the food. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect nor was I really even thinking about what I would eat there or worry about the food options. I was going in with a clean slate ( and palate ), free of expectations. I was blown away by the meals, each one was better than the next. Chef Jeremy Smith not only gets his ingredients from all of the local farmers but he is so thoughtful in what he creates during each season. Chef and his team will have to make enough food to feed 300+ people per meal every single day! I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Jeremy and learning a bit about what he chooses to cook and why. I was able to explore foods that were out of my normal comfort zone, such as soups and spices for breakfast and I felt great. There was more than enough to choose from and I never felt stuffed, instead, I felt good, healthy, satisfied. I was even able to pick up his new book, The Kripalu KitchenI was so thrilled to be able to take such a beautiful experience home with me. All of our meals were vegan friendly which was also a wonderful surprise.

My weekend at Kripalu was full of great meaningful moments and meeting some wonderful people along the way, each on their own wellness journey. I was able to spend more time in nature, which is incredibly important to me.. I can’t wait to go back in the summer and fall and to enjoy even more outdoor activities.