Beat your Tech Addiction

Beat Your Tech Addiction

We are obsessed with “appearing” busy and wear it like a badge of honor. We want to go go go until we can’t “go” any more.   We are fully immersed in our to do lists and where we need to be and very rarely enjoy the journey. When we overload our bodies with stress of emails we need to answer, text messages we need to respond to, and trying to wrack our brains where that message from a potential client went we are creating the potential for illness. We are getting bombarded with expectations and requests and that constant pull of attention outward leads us to the addiction to stress. Stress on our bodies, our nervous system, our minds. It is actually considered by the medical profession as a steady stream of continuous trauma that is normalized in our culture.


If we are not aware of this constant barrage of requests, pressure, stresses, our bodies cannot regulate and return to an ordinary state. If we can recognize what we need to feel good every day, we are then able to know our own healthy limitations. If you can detach from tech for even 30 minutes and step into nature you begin to reflect. This doesn’t have to be an aggressive hike. This can be 20 - 30 minutes of allowing yourself the time to be still in your processing, and go for a gentle walk in your nearest park. It allows you to see and experience the beauty happening around you. You are allowing yourself to be present and your senses are heightened. This is a form on yoga for your brain.

Being present, being aware, allowing yourself time to be in nature, allows yourself to heal in body, mind, and spirit.