The Benefits of Exercising in Nature

The Benefits of Exercising in Nature

Thankfully we, as a culture, have become more aware of our own health / wellness plans. We spend more time learning what is best to eat for our bodies, what we can wear to optimize our work outs, and what work outs will make us stronger and more fit. We even have at home programs that allow us to customize just the kind of work out we want / need to fit into our schedules all without leaving our own home.

While we are working out more and eating better, there is still one thing missing in the health equation, time outdoors. We live in a box, we work in a box, our computer is a box, our smartphone is a box, we travel to and from places usually in a box. Our lives, at least 90% of our time, is spent indoors! We are optimizing our health in so many other radical ways yet we continue to overlook just how impactful 20 - 30 minutes walking in nature does for the body and even more importantly, for the brain.


People around the world are just beginning to truly understand the impact “green fitness” has on their routines. It is also referred to as time in “green gyms”. To fully engage our body, which is an energy source, we need to use all of our senses and that just isn’t happening at the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Fly Wheel session or kick boxing or lifting weights but green fitness should be just as much a part of your weekly work out as any other class you take. Nature based fitness strengthens our bodies, our minds and can even build our immune system!

When we do our usual routines in the gym, our bodies are used to using specific muscles, we begin to plateau.  Adding a hike or a walk in nature not only inspires and uses all of our senses, but our bodies are engaged in balance, climbing, reaching, and using our body differently. We are fully aware of our body and we become more aware of our surroundings. Be aware of the senses you are using when you are there. You can feel the breeze, smell the cherry blossoms, feel the bark of the tree and hear the birds and so much more.